Click here to see how we start our Englis class in Gravalos. Everyday we sing and dance this hello song. 

In the English class, we love to watch The Late Late Toy Show in order to learn English from native speakers. Here is a very popular song that we like to show you.

Click here if you  want to listen to a Valentine´s Day song. We had a good time in Grávalos with Barney and his friends. Enjoy!

¿Una forma divertida y práctica de aprender las unidades de longitud, masa o capacidad? ¡Pincha aquí si quieres verlo!

Con esta línea del tiempo realizada por los/as alumnos/as de Cornago podemos estudiar y recordar los acontecimientos más importantes en la Historia del Hombre.

A funny way to understand the tradition of St. Valentine's Day. Click here to watch it!

Click here if you want to listen to a very special song for St. Valentine`s Day