Desde Grávalos nos gustaría mostrar una pagina web para hacer cómics online de manera gratuita. Nosotros ya hemos hecho unos muy chulos y por ello queremos enseñaros como hacerlo.  Aquí podéis seguir las instrucciones que os ayudaran a hacer los vuestros propios. Esperemos que os divirtáis y aprendáis mucho.


I would like to show you how to teach English in a funny way. Here, you can see a tutorial about lyrics training. It is a good learning tool for our children. They will improve their listening skill and besides they will learn new vocabulary. They can use it both in class and at home in order to improve their second language.


Here is a collection of fun stories in English for children. Every story has been carefully created with the goal of promoting a love for reading through extremely edutaining and culturally inclusive content from around the world and also to give automatic reading practice to children.

In this Youtube Channel you will find amazing songs that children would love!!

Here you have nice games for the starting of your lessons, also known as icebreaker games!

A funny way to learn spelling of 17 English words with this amazing video!!

En este enlace podréis encontrar varias lecciones de diferentes asignaturas. Además también se pueden descargar ejercicios para practicar lo aprendido en ellas.